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Introducing Infinity Media Marketing

We’re quite ambitious at Infinity Media Marketing, and we’re aiming infinitely higher than the sky, beyond what other traditional marketing agencies may very well be known for:

Infinity Media Marketing is

part marketing agency
part high-tech startup
part research funder
part media company

Our team comes together under one aim: to invigorate businesses to new heights with social media.

But that isn’t enough.

We decided our core mission is to help the right people connect, and to contribute as much as we can to the progress and future of healthcare and humanity.

Our ambition stems from an innate belief that great things can happen when the right people connect. What better tool than social media to do this? We leverage platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and others to hyper-target the patients looking for you. By harnessing data, we’re able to intelligently garner behavioral insight and identify potential clients based on trends, click choices, demographics, and much more. As we grow, we are bringing in higher-level technology that will revolutionize traditional market segmentation practices.


Part Marketing Agency

Just a bit of background to help you understand why our approach is not quite the same as others’.

Infinity Media Marketing envisions a future where consumers can connect with the right business, for their specific needs. We also see technological breakthroughs as an enhancement to human progress, which is why we’re funding genetic engineering efforts, and applying advanced technology to our services as a way for faster, powerful, and accurate insights in our marketing.

But how did we get here?

I started off as a musician, entering my local fine arts conservatory at the age of 3. Inspired by a televised performance of Offenbach’s Tales of Hoffman, at age 4 I was keen on becoming a top opera performer in all the main stages of Europe and the US. I was well underway by my early twenties, earning several scholarships and opportunities to study with top voice coaches and faculty in various university and international programs as a Master’s student.

I never accepted their offers.

Two months prior, I noticed vocal warmups had become increasingly painful and distorted in my ears. After a few doctor visits, I was finally diagnosed with my worst fear: I had a degenerative genetic hearing-loss condition, a rare one, too. I was given an ultimatum: continue to sing and be deaf by 35 or stop and slowly reach profound hearing loss levels by 55.

The years following my diagnosis I was on the hunt for a cure. I traveled to Germany, France, Switzerland, and Colombia… and listened to doctor after doctor explaining exponentially worse outcomes and ridiculous suggestions for solutions.

As a musician, I understood something fundamental that these doctors seemed to miss. They would recommend absurd solutions to my condition, like wearing ear plugs. A basic knowledge in the physics of sound shows that even if sound receptors are filtered, protected, or plugged (ears), and that receptor is attached to the sound source (vocal folds/voice), the vibrations would continue to penetrate and make no real difference in protection.

In other words, you cover your ears, and you could still hear yourself sing. By means of conductive physics, the vibrations of the voice will still be picked up by the ears, regardless, and still contribute to the declining ability to hear. 

I realized my situation was so specific, so niche, that it would require a fundamentally different approach to finding the right doctor for me: one who understood music, or at least the physics of sound, to treat me in a more efficient manner.

Enter social media and the power of storytelling. There is a gap we want to fill and it involves bridging the doctor with the right expertise with the right high-quality patient looking for that doctor. The future of marketing does not involve faceless advertising and corporations, it involves engagement and connection. Social media is the window to the personal side of a doctor (their passion for dogs, their talent on the guitar, and their love for their family), an important element in connecting to the potential client’s values and psychological factors in decision-making during the consumer buying cycle.


Part Research Funder

While we work to connect the right client with the right service, our company also works hand-in-hand with organizations by funding their focused efforts on genetic engineering research. Here’s why:

As I continued my quest to find a fitting doctor with a better solution other than ear plugs (or hearing aids—not helpful with this specific condition as it constantly fluctuates and the weekly recalibrations would be too costly), the most promising solution came during a talk with a colleague while working at an artificial intelligence startup in New York City. Perhaps the solution lay in CRISPR/Cas9, the most precise, reliable, and simplest method of genetic manipulation, allowing geneticists and medical researchers to target specific parts of the genome by removing, adding, or altering part of the DNA sequence. CRISPR/Cas9 stands for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats and Cas9 is an enzyme that acts as the “scissors” when cutting the DNA strands.

Armed with this information, I returned to various doctors and asked about the CRISPR/Cas9 procedure. My request was met with uncertainty, resistance, curiosity, and sometimes laughter. The procedure is quite novel, quite groundbreaking, and quite “dangerous” with a success rate of up to 60% (considered impressive, yet low in the medical field).

At the time, most doctors were vaguely aware of CRISPR/Cas9 (unless they were part of that medical niche), and today, most still are.


Of course, we see the possibilities in CRISPR/Cas9 and wish to help bring that to the forefront as an alternative to chemically or surgically invasive solutions when treating cancer, Alzheimer’s, or other difficult genetic conditions.

Part High Tech Startup

Just as CRISPR/Cas9 has proven to be highly innovative in its approach to genetic diseases, we hope to emulate that approach by using innovative tactics and technology, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, to spur businesses beyond their current standing. However, as a protective measure, we cannot divulge details, but rest assured that it will change the face of the online marketing ecosystem. 

Part Media Company

Aldo (co-founder and media tech extraordinaire) and I came up with the idea to combine our detail-oriented, artistic backgrounds in music and media, our belief that high technology is key for progress in the future, and our dogged passion in helping others succeed, into Infinity Media Marketing: a completely new approach to marketing and human connection.

Social media and traditional media (on and offline) are two parts of the same whole. Infinity Media Marketing has “media” in its name for a reason; our media department conveys interesting stories, personalities, and keeps us all up to date on those making an impact in the medical community and beyond. We wish to capture their vision and work, and educate others on how the future is panning out to be a better one than it is today.  

So, in summary, Infinity Media Marketing’s mission is to

1) Empower businesses with social media marketing by using

2) Innovative approaches and technology for business growth that will

3) Fuel genetic engineering research efforts that will be broadcast to

4) Educate you on new and more advanced solutions for a healthier future

Buckle up, we have an exhilarating journey ahead.