Have you ever heard that talking AT people is rude? Ineffective? What about talking WITH them?

The digital marketing industry fully understands that subtle difference and has caused the whole marketing arena to undergo an incredible facelift: from annoyingly spamming consumers to genuine, effective, and generous informative content that’s  just as inviting as counting down for the next Marvel movie.

With the hyper-focus abilities that social media is able to give each one of us, businesses can talk to the exact person they’re looking for and filter out the rest. Hence, the shift; marketing, as an ever-powerful and influential tool, is able to inspire that person to connect with the businesses’ core mission, values, and, of course, services or products. There’s a beauty to that, here’s why:


1. It helps you help others

Modern marketing means that you take into consideration the way people consume information to learn how to reach your best future client. The obvious and fastest way to reach them is via mobile: social media, email, chats, etc.
As a hyper-connected society, this means we have hyper-direct access to each individual. Since every competitor has the same advantage, how can your approach to marketing your business grab that specific person’s attention? Help them first.

To help them, you must know them. Ask yourself:

Who is your ideal client?

What concerns do they have? Is it image? Financial?

Where are they in the buying cycle?

Knowing your future client/patient means that you can connect with them; they will feel connected with your business if they feel you address their innermost needs. Some ideas to create a sense of community and connection: use email, an informational video, a special offer for financial concerns, or even a Live Q&A  event to give them a chance to ask questions.


2. It is generous with providing value

Once you connect with your new audience, they will value your time and the content that you give them (provided it addresses any needs or concerns they had/have). Remember, marketing has always reflected the emotional nature and decision-making process humans take and is now expanding to provide the essential information necessary people are looking for before making any choice on a product or service. If it fits, good. If it doesn’t, they’re not the right fit.


3. It offers a new emotional connection

If you are constant with your marketing and provide a high level of continual value, you will amass loyal fans who are very likely to give your practice a call. Humans crave emotional connection and tend to look for it in truly anything (that 1975 Chevy Malibu grandpa never got rid of is no exception).

Make sure your staff is well prepared to nurture and feed their decision to contact your business. This is still a part of marketing as it solidifies your image (brand) and what you mean to them.

If you consider the influential effects of marketing, you have the power to mold people’s understanding of what you provide. That’s a huge responsibility. Hence it is always important to keep a helping mindset (not a salesy one), your future patients will sense that.


It just works….if you get to the heart of things.


Marketing helps people by meeting them in the middle; it addresses their needs and provides value, whether through an offer or new and useful information to appease any fears. People want connection, it is human nature.  If you manage to put some heart into your practice’s messages, you will provide valuable and generous information that will guide the prospective patient. This will, in turn, increase chances of success in bringing in more qualified, well-educated leads through your door, keeping your ROI high and business steady for the long run.