When we set out to work within a specific industry, our team was looking to help businesses grow via great stories. The problem, we found, is that most businesses don’t even know where or how to use these stories effectively. Their whole marketing mechanism is broken.
— Lorena Z., Co-Founder

On our mission to help businesses grow, we discovered a lot of overlooked, life-changing stories in the most unlikely of places: the plastic surgery industry. Most of the best patient stories touch on common problems that future patients are trying to solve. When these stories go untold, private practice owners miss the opportunity to connect with future clients; their business may not even have an efficient method for marketing their services in the first place.

We decided to do something about that. 

The Most Effective Marketing Machine

marketing, when built as a complete unit, is a machine that works for you, not the other way around.


Infinity Media Marketing brings the digital architects, engineers, craftsmen, and designers (and marketers, of course) who set out to build the perfect marketing machine for plastic surgeons. We want to share those small, yet important patient success stories that help your business grow in your community, while maximizing ROI.

We had no choice. We had to build the most complete marketing machine that works for plastic surgeons. From scratch. Enter The INFINITY Method™.
— Aldo Beretta, Co-Founder