The mission is simple: create the most efficient marketing machine for your business.

Who are we?

We are a small team of writers, strategists, marketers, and analysts dedicated to creating the most efficient and effective marketing machine using our proprietary INFINITY Method™. We focus on the plastic surgery industry and work very closely with you and your team to create a seamless process that works for YOU, not the other way around. By leveraging digital marketing tools, our aim is to increase business returns, customer leads, and retention.  

What do we do?

Our specialty is growing your plastic surgery practice with the INFINITY Method™, a complete, 8-step marketing machine for your online presence .

To learn more in-depth about the INFINITY Method™, download our FREE e-book or contact us directly. 

For a complete list of what we use in our method, see our Services page.

Where are we located?

Our headquarters are located in sunny Miami, Florida, USA.

However, we service all surrounding areas and the entire U.S. 

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Infinity Media Marketing

801 Brickell Avenue, Suite #900

Miami, Florida 33131

Why the INFINITY Method?

We saw most practices hired many freelancers or agencies that only fixed part of the whole marketing machine here and there. We wanted to fix that because it was costing business owners millions of dollars (no kidding).  Since we understand business costs firsthand, we wanted to help fix that cost and created the INFINITY Method™ (as explained on our Welcome Page and FREE E-Book): a highly effective, yet simple method from scratch, one that actually brings in patients through the door for busy private practice owners like yourself.  Remember, most agencies are hyper-specialized in their own services, but this makes it difficult to "connect the dots" to see what's working and what needs fixing in your overall marketing approach, not to mention the risk for miscommunication between all parties. Infinity Media Marketing offers something no other agency dares to do: a complete, full-fledged solution ONLY for plastic surgeons-- no more confusion between agencies and freelancers, just your staff and us.

Do you offer other services?

No. For a full list of what our method entails, click here

I'm not in the Healthcare Industry, can you still help me?

 Even though our specialty is plastic surgeons, we'd be happy to chat. However, please note that our services are specialized for the plastic surgery industry. Please contact us directly to see if we may be able to help your business. We normally answer within 24 hours.


I'm not in south Florida, can you still provide professional Video/Photo services?

No, for our Video/Photo service, we can only work with clients in the south Florida region for geographic reasons. 

Why "Infinity"?

Infinity Media Marketing was named after the "boundless" nature of the IoT, and on the idea that our connected world is "infinite" in business and social possibilities. Besides, it just sounds cool, doesn't it? :)