Within the infinite lies the finite.

We offer one thing: the INFINITY Method™, an 8-step marketing plan that is customized to your specific business goals. If you're serious about taking your private plastic surgery practice to a new level, this method is for you. If you're not sure your practice can handle serious growth, check out some tips in our blog to help you get your foot in the right direction. 

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The INFINITY Method™ is an acronym of sorts; it stands for the following:

IDENTIFY any opportunity GAPS to
NURTURE and create the RIGHT CONTENT that
FUELS the best choice of SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS while we
Increase trust via a DRIP CAMPAIGN using the most effective
Narrative LANGUAGE so that we can
IMMOBILIZE your competition on GOOGLE and
Track all your DATA to optimize 
Your REPUTATION online.

To execute our method, we use a combination of various tools. Below you will find these different tools we use to propel your practice forward. The actual way we put these together is what makes the INFINITY Method™ so unique and effective for the plastic surgery industry. If you'd like to learn more on how it works, read our e-book (it's FREE!), or shoot us a quick email.
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All-Star Management

Online reputation is important in the world of plastic surgery. This element is key to producing actual results for you. 

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Attract the right audience with the right message to create and maintain a lasting relationship beyond the screen.

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Social Media Campaigns

Stop your future client's thumbs in its tracks for an irresistible monthly product or service offer. 

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Step one in building a long-lasting fascination with your audience. We work closely with you from discovery to execution for the ultimate differentiating factor.

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Content Marketing

This is the reason we got into this business! Let us create storytelling-quality content to dazzle your audience and keep them coming for more. 


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Website Optimization

Give your website a fresh reboot that is also strategically designed to get you increased traffic and higher visitor retention for more potential clients. 

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Customized Strategy

Even though it is a fixed method, the input is always different for every business. We customize everything according to your goals, of course.

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Search Engine Optimization/ Search Engine Marketing

If you're not at the top ranks, you're invisible to  those looking for you. SEO/SEM is a way to boost your way to the top. 

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Paid Advertising

We connect you to the right potential customer by hyper-targeting your target market with Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and other social media advertising.

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Cross-Channel Integration

That's a fancy way of saying, "We will connect all your online tools, social media, and websites together". 

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Email Marketing

One of the most effective ways to build trust is right in your inbox--this one is one of the main gears in our "machine"!

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Landing Page

Landing pages are extremely useful ways of tracking your traffic and nudging that prospective patient through your door.

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Monthly Reports

We gather and analyze insightful data on a monthly basis from all your accounts. We then implement any necessary changes to maximize your return on investment.

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Photography Session

Your Facebook and Twitter profile pictures are crucial to making a great first impression. We can help bring out the best in you and your office with a fun and professional photoshoot.

South Florida, USA only.

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Video Production

The future is visual. Impress your viewers with a stunning HD and professional video introduction, testimonial, or FAQ segment. We bring the lights and camera, you bring the action! 

South Florida, USA only.


We start small and grow right along with you.

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Social Media Marketing